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Referral Info

  1. Complete the Eligibility Criteria and have the applicant complete the Applicant’s Questionnaire.

  2. If the applicant meets the criteria:


Who can come?


Applications are accepted by referral from any of the following sources:

  • Alcohol & Drug Counselors

  • Band Social Workers

  • NNADAP Workers

  • All Referral Workers

  • CHR’s

  • Any Treatment or Recovery Centre


Important information

  • All Assessment & Referral packages are filled out with the client and returned to Wilp Si’Satxw Community Healing Centre.

  • The COMPLETE application, including pre-admission medical exam and T.B. test (only if T.B. test is positive then a Chest X-Ray is required), must be submitted before booking a treatment date. Clients will be booked as we receive their referral package and medical examinations by mail or by fax. Travel (return) arrangements must be confirmed prior to entry into the programs offered by Wilp Si’Satxw.

  • Pre-treatment alcohol/drug counseling and after-care planning is an important part of the application and referral process.

  • Any person on parole, probation and court order: referral worker must send a copy of that order to Wilp Si’Satxw Community Healing Centre.

  • While at Wilp Si’Satxw Community Healing Centre clients must be free of all outside appointments (court, probation, lawyers, doctors, dentists, specialists, etc.). Should a client arrive and request to be excused from the program for a previously booked appointment, they may be discharged from the program.

  • Client will be given a copy of the House Rules, to review and discussed to ensure that he/she understands the House Rules.

  • One week prior to intake day, if in receipt of all forms, the referring agent and/or the client will be contacted for confirmation.

  • In order to accommodate this process we are requesting that our referral workers advise clients that on intake day, the Centre is open at 8:00 a.m. Buses for the East & West are met on that day for clients arriving by bus. If there is no other alternative but to send the client earlier than on intake day, for the safety of the client please contact the intake clerk to ensure that arrangements can be made to accommodate the client.

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