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Welcome to Wilp Si’Satxw Community Healing Centre. Together we can make a difference in delivering quality service to clients who are seeking help for their addictions and collateral issues.


Wilp Si’Satxw believes that people who are addicted to spirit destroying chemicals can gain power over their addictions. It is with this belief that the primary purpose of Wilp Si’Satxw is to provide a holistic, spiritually-based Healing Centre where people can go through the processes that will start them on the road to recovery. This approach looks at the following realms within an individual as important to the healing journey.


Each person has the ability to confront problem issues and secure their personal power to walk in health and wellness. Each of you are responsible for yourselves and your self healing is a personal choice.


The process of healing in Wilp Si’Satxw begins with the understanding that each of us is responsible for Our-self and that self-healing is a personal choice.

Our goals are to:

  • Share knowledge of traditional native values

  • Demonstrate a model of self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Share knowledge of addiction and addictive process

  • Share knowledge of developing healthy relationships

  • Demonstrate and model skills needed for daily living

  • Share knowledge of relaxation techniques

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